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Hi everyone! 

Very recently, I’ve been receiving a massive amount of support from the blogging community across all social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, and here!) and I just can’t thank them enough. There are really no amount of words or actions that can show how grateful I am to these people for always being there for me in my blogging journey!

So to pay it forward, I decided to push through with the featured blogger series which I’ve been planning since forever lol.

In this series, I will be featuring some blogger friends of mine who talk about different things like books, lifestyle, fashion, and mental health, so you can get to know them better and hopefully show them some support! 

But before we go to the first feature, let me just give a shoutout to my wonderful friend Hannah who is also currently doing a month-long Featured Blogger series (where I am also featured)! Check out her blog and I’m sure you’ll see some pretty amazing bloggers plus, Hannah has some awesome bookish posts! ❤

Right, so the first featured blogger is Chelsea from All Time Chelsea. She’s very sweet so I hope you show her some love!

Hi! My name is Chelsea – I have been blogging for almost a year now and love it. My blog mainly consists of lifestyle, books, beauty, food and health I chose to blog about these things as I am passionate about them. Health, particularly mental health is a big thing for me as it is something I suffer from. I find that writing about it actually helps it in a way. I also like documenting my dreams and looking up the meaning of things I see in them as I find it super interesting. I feel like readers would be into this, the dreams especially, as it is something different and something you don’t usually see.

What do you love most about blogging / being a blogger?
I feel like it is a goodway to get words and other things out of your head. It is relaxing and alsocreative.

What challenges have you encountered in blogging? How did you get past them?
A challenge that I have faced is lack of traffic/views. You just have to not care about this too much,and keep doing what you love, I guess you just have to understand is that it takes time.

How often do you write blog posts? Are you one of those writers who need their ‘muse’ before writing ANYTHING?
I basically write when I have the time! I have a full-time job so I can use any time I can get to blog.Sometimes I am just not in the right headspace, when this is the case I don’t write a post.

Tell me about your future plans for the blog!
The future plan is to be a full-time blogger! That is the dream. The steps that I’m taking for this is consistently posting blog posts(every Monday and Thursday) and sharing and advertising my links as much as I can. I have various ads on my blog already of things that I like (fashion companies, book companies and food companies) that I can get commission from if I get clicks and sales. My blog is still small so unfortunately I’m currently not getting anything from this. I would like to reach out to companies to see if they would like me to do any posts on their products, but I haven’t had the time for this at the moment as I work full-time.

What experiences are you looking forward to as a blogger? Achievements you’re aiming for in your blog?
Definitely having sponsored posts and getting some income from it. A brand that I would LOVE to sponsor me is The Body Shop – I use a lot of their products and would love to advertise for them. I don’t believe having sponsored posts would change my content that much – I have already done a few posts for advertising – Newchic (clothing and accessories), AllyFashion (clothing and accessories) and Sprout Market (food).

Where did your love of reading come from?
I actually only got into reading about 2 years ago. Throughout school I was forced to read books that I hated, which made me hate books. I finally found my love for them when I could choose what I could read about.

What’s one book that you would suggest from your favorite genre?
‘Rebound’ – I love thriller, crime & mystery. In this particular book, there is a killer and rapist on the loose in the main characters town. (read more about her suggested book from this post!)

Give us some tips on how to not be buried alive by your TBR! lol
I tend to go through periods where I will find SO many books to read – you just have to try and not do this often, otherwise you will find yourself so behind in your ‘read next’ list!

What are you currently reading? What’s next?
I am currently reading ‘Cross Her Heart’ by Sarah Pinborough. The main character has a different identity as she has done things in her past that she is not proud of. Her real identity is released and all the series of events happen from there. Secrets, lies and trust is the majority of this book, and is under the genres thriller, mystery and fiction. I was not prepared of how intense this book was going to be!

After that I think I will read ‘The Right Girl’ by Ellie O’Neill – The main character is a business owner, and has just got engaged, but for some reason the love doesn’t seem quite right. She has questions that no one can answer. It is under the genre women’s fiction.

YAY!! That’s it for the first blogger feature! ❤

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Chelsea and make sure to check out her blog. If you want to interact with her more, you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks guys, see you in the next feature! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Featured Blogger: Chelsea

  1. Great post!! Kudos to Angela for coming up with this series. I enjoyed reading about Angela. I know how you feel running a blog along with a day job. You have been consistent for a year. That itself is an achievement. Keep blogging.

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