Bookdragon Lingo: A [Short] Guide to Bookish Talk

🌷🌷🌷 HOLA PEOPLE!! 🌷🌷🌷

Once upon a boring day, back in the times when I was just a baby bookdragon, tHERE WERE SO MANY FRICKIN ACRONYMS I COULDN’T UNDERSTAND!!!! But going into the bookishverse, I realized that they all speak a completely different language and that there were quite a few jargons that I had to research in order to speak bookdragon lingo.. to belong, so to speak.

Now that I have (sort of) officially been accepted into the bookishverse, I thought it would be fun to compile a list of jargons and acronyms that we use, for our audience and new bookish people out there! This way, we all understand each other and they wouldn’t feel so lost when reading our crazy posts!

🌻 Disclaimer: these are only the words that I know of, if you have other suggestions (I’m sure you do!), please feel free to comment so more people will know about them! 🌻

ARC: Advanced Reader’s Copy – a pre-published, uncorrected copy of a new book, commonly given to reviewers by the authors/publishers/promoters of the book for review. ARCs are given for free and SHOULD NOT, under any circumstances, BE SOLD TO ANYONE. (just had to put that out there)
Backlist – or Backlist titles, are basically all the books released prior to the current year. Sometimes, us bookbloggers put ourselves through torture aka denting the backlisted TBR that we have because we were too greedy and bought/requested too many books. Oh well.
BD / TBD: Book Depository / The Book Depository – IS BASICALLY HEAVEN an online, UK-based book seller that delivers books international FOR FREE. Yep, you read that right.. FOR FREEEEEE ❀ (y’all have to pay for the book okay??? Only shipping is free! πŸ˜‚)
Bloggiversary / Blogoversary – a day in which we all cry bloody tears because GOOD GOD after all that struggling… WE MANAGED TO MAKE ANOTHER YEAR ON THE BLOG???!?!? *hysterical wailing* also, y’all can call it a Blog Birthday πŸ˜€
Blog hop(ping) – like bar hopping, only we visit blogs and read/comment on blog posts. We love blog hops because we get to support our fellow bloggers! ❀
Blog Tour – is an organized publicity tour, usually over the span of a week or so from the book’s release date, but it could be longer! Bloggers who join the tour typically are given a choice of stops they’ll be posting such as reviews, interviews, excerpts/teasers, or a guest post by the author.
Book binge / Book benderOKAY NEED I SAY MORE lol like I said we are gluttons for more books so we usually go on book binges, either through reading OR buying books. Personally, I book binge my favorite series or favorite authors when I go into a reading/blogging slump! Simply put, A BOOK MARATHON.
Book boyfriend / girlfriendTHE MEN AND WOMEN WE WISH WERE REAL </3 I honestly have SEVERAL book boyfriends because human men are overrated. HAHA but basically a fictional crush πŸ™‚
Book hangover – the complete and utter devastation that comes after finishing a truly amazing book. We stare at walls, rock in a corner, cry on the pillow, refuse to eat or drink or sleep, and sometimes we fall into a reading slump. But you know what? IT WAS ALL WORTH IT.
Bookstagram – instagram, but BOOKISH.
Booktube – youtube, but BOOKISH.
Cover Reveal – part of the marketing campaign of new releases is to host cover reveals, which is when authors launch the cover of their books! ❀ Bloggers can choose to join by posting on their social media platforms like instagram, facebook, youtube, or on their blogs. This is all very exciting especially if the book is something you’ve been waiting for!
DARC / eARC: Digital / Electronic Advanced Reader’s Copy – an Advanced Reader’s Copy, but DIGITAL. Publishers/authors/promoters often give the option of sending out digital ARCs instead of physical ARCs to book reviewers such as myself. Honestly, I prefer physical ARCs but then there’s the HUGE issue of shipping and shipping costs, so to make it easier on both parties, I opt for digital ARCs instead.
DNF: Did Not Finish – the source of my guilt for like, FOREVER. It’s honestly so hard to DNF a book because all that hard work from the authors AND I CAN’T BE BOTHERED TO FINISH IT???? *shAmE!*
EW: Edelweiss – a site that produces digital online copies of books, for request of course. I am personally not using Edelweiss because ????? I have no idea how it works hahaha.
FanFic (Fan Fiction) – a story written by fans based on the world created by their favorite authors.
Fandom – basically a group of people who like a specific topic, in this case, BOOKS! For example: POTTERHEADS ❀
Feels – when y’all are overwhelmed with emotion and there’s just TOO MANY it’s so difficult to process!!!
Giveaway – ONE OF MY FAVORITESSSS!!!! I have yet to host one, but giveaways can be hosted by bloggers, publishers, promoters, and authors, often giving away books, merchandise, swag, and pretty much anything else! ❀
GR – Goodreads. Kind of like facebook, but BOOKISH. It’s a site where you can search for books, update your status, and post reviews!
HC – Hardcover or hardback copies of books.
HEA – Happily Ever After.
Indie – if referring to books, means that it’s produced by a small-ish and independent publishers.
Insta-love / Insta-lust – INSTANT love / INSTANT lust. Readers aren’t given much of a premise when this happens between the main characters, it just does! I used to be a fan of both, but now I want the slow-burn kind of writing relationships.
MC – Main Character.
MG – Middle Grade age group (typically 8 to 12)
NA – New Adult age group (typically 18 to 25)
NetGalley – another site that produces digital online copies of books. I frequent NetGalley when I’m looking for new reads or indie releases that need a little boosting! After being approved for titles on NetGalley, don’t forget to post a review! The authors would thank you for it and your approval rating goes up! πŸ˜‰
NOTP – or NO OTP, which is what you call two characters you absolutely DO NOT WANT TO END UP TOGETHER!!!!!
OwnVoices – a collection of diverse books written by authors from those same diverse groups. You can check this out on Twitter by searching for the #ownvoices.
PB – Paperback. (EDIT: Saw on Twitter that this could also mean Picture Book!)
PNR – Paranormal Romance genre.
POC – Person of Color.
POV – Point of View.
Reading Challenge – a challenge to read a particular number of books in a certain criteria or category such as genre, age group, author, series, etc. It could also be something as simple as the Goodreads Reading Challenge where you can set the number of books you can read in a year! ❀ Let’s not talk about the number of books I have to finish this year. It’s unspeakable. πŸ˜‚
Reading / Blogging Slump – ahh slumps are when we all lose the motivation to do pretty much anything. I’ve been in a reading/blogging slump or two (or a hundred, I lost count) and this happens to me over the course of a few days to a few weeks. IT’S HORRIBLE. Especially if I made reading and reviewing commitments!!! Y’all can look at my tips on getting over the slump here!
Release Blitz – a marketing campaign for newly released books, often hosted by book bloggers, promoters, publishers, or the authors themselves to promote books on release day! As a book blogger, I’m always given a chance to join release blitzes by the different PR companies I’m affiliated with (GOD BLESS THEM), which I enjoy doing because I get to support my favorite authors and their works! 🌼
RTC – Review To Come. HE HE HE this is what I always write down on the review portion on Goodreads… it means I don’t have the review yet, but I’ll write it down soon! πŸ˜‚
Self-published – as in, published by the author.
SF / F – SciFi / Fantasy genre.
Shelfie – selfie, but BOOKISH. πŸ˜‚ or y’all can just take a picture of pretty bookshelves, we don’t discriminate!
Ship / Shipping – y’all know this already, but ‘shipping’ is when you want a couple to end up together!!!
Spoiler – revealing important, LIKE REALLY IMPORTANT, details from the book. (grrrr but also sorry because i do this sometimes)
Star-rating – a way to rate books by use of 🌟 stars 🌟 Goodreads, for example, rates books from 1 to 5 stars with five as the highest rating someone can give. Of course, this all varies depending on the reviewer and on the platform used to rate books. It’s very important to note that there is NO STANDARD when rating books, y’all can rate 6 stars or 100 stars and it would still be correct! Remember that reviews are subjective so don’t be confused when checking ratings. πŸ™‚
TBR – To Be Read. AHHHHHHH this is a pretty sensitive discussion for bookdragons. We’re um.. we don’t really like to talk about it? It’s such a painful and grueling discussion, often ending in tears of sorrow and regret. 😦 But HA HA seriously, a TBR is a list of books you want to read! On Goodreads, you can ‘shelf’ books into a TBR folder to keep track of them! Orrr y’all can be dysfuntional like us and just BUY EVERYTHING WHENEVER WE WANT TO AND THEN WORRY ABOUT WHERE TO PUT IT. *me furiously typing from behind a wall of books because it has taken over my life*
Traditionally-published – books published by a major publishing house.
TSTL – Too Stupid To Live. A description I often use in negative reviews when referring to characters I want to strangle to death πŸ˜‚
TTT – Top Ten Tuesday. A list of TOP TEN bookish things! Categories and themes to be determined by the host! ❀
UF – Urban Fantasy genre.
WIP – Work In Progress. Usually referring to writing!
YA – Young Adult age group (typically 12 to 18)

That’s it!

This was shorter than I expected, so I’m positive I missed quite a few significant terms that should’ve been included (sorry sorry)

I wanted to include BOOK ACRONYMS because if you’re like me, all these acronyms are making my book-twitter life difficult πŸ˜‚ Then I realized I only know so few of them! There’s ACOTAR, ADSOM, and the very latest DOTC. But what else???? I shall do a Twitter thread of this and if it doesn’t flop, then it’ll be on my next post!!

In the meantime, tell me what bookish jargon you want to add on here. I’d love to here your thoughts! ❀


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